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With dozens of blogs and magazines championing ladies who touch themselves, it’s about time we fight for gender equality. The days of shame surrounding masturbation are over. It’s a new world and we believe masturbation is the key to better sex and to becoming a better lover!  So boys, take a hold, and enjoy the ride.

The innovation in men’s pleasure products over the last decade has been astronomical. We’ve finally moved past the shaft to embrace all kinds of sensations and there there are a bunch of great product types on the market to experience self love like never before.

Once you know what you like, you can always include your partner.

Strokers / Sleeves

Strokers have come a long way from plain latex semi-textured sleeves or the DIY condom in a toilet paper roll. Modern masturbators can be molded from the body of your favorite porn star, made to look like any orifice or part, have the ability to be warmed up to body temperature, and can be modeled to be discreetly hidden in plain sight in the form of a flashlight or even a tall beer can.

The most common materials for strokers are cyberskin and TPE, as they best mimic the supple softness of skin, while having the ability to retain gentle warmth or chill.

Strokers and sleeves can come in both small and large sizes, a plethora of textures, added vibration, as well as the option of disposable masturbation sleeves. Disposable masturbators generally come in an egg shell shape with a small foil of lubricant for quick and convenient pleasure. The stretch of the materials allow it to expand for full-shaft stimulation.

For a helping hand during oral sex, masturbation sleeves can also be open ended short cylinders, designed to provide constant shaft stimulation during oral sex. These types of sleeves can also be used as buffers, when placed at the base of the penis, during intercourse – if length of the shaft causes pain during penetration.

The ZOLO line of strokers and sleeves are definitely something you should look at. Use promo code maletoys to take 25% off any ZOLO item.

Cock Rings / Vibrating Rings

Cock rings come in a wide array of materials like plastic, silicone, metal, and leather. They can be designed for the base of the shaft only, or have additional loops to bind the testicles, as well. The primary purpose of a cock ring is to intensify the strength and girth of an erection, and can result in stronger and more powerful orgasms. It can also allow users with conditions like erectile dysfunction to not only get hard, but stay hard. Adding vibration to a cock ring delivers unique sensations to not only the wearer, but some great stimulation during penetration for his partner. Cock and/or ball rings can also be worn while flaccid – which results in ‘the goods’ appearing larger or longer.

Despite the materials used, all cock rings fall within two categories:

  • Adjustable – They allow the user to experience what a penis ring can offer, while being able to remove them quickly if the sensations become too intense. These styles can be worn at the base of the penis or behind the testicles. These are the ideal choice for beginners.
  • Non-Adjustable – Firm ring that has little or no flexibility for more advanced users who have experimented with rings before and are familiar with how intense the sensations can get. These are usually worn behind the testicles, and can be made of harder materials like stainless steel.

Prostate Massagers

What is a prostate, and do all men have one?

The prostate is a chestnut-sized gland that can be found in people born with penises. It can be found a few inches within the anus, on the anterior wall (belly-side), nestled under the bladder. It can be reached, manually with fingers, or stimulated with a designed prostate massager.

The prostate is often called the P-Spot or the Male G-Spot as it can help bring about intense and repeating orgasms in men, when stimulated. It is also not dependent on the functionality of the penis or erections to feel amazing, so it’s a perfect way to play for men with erectile dysfunction. Pleasure can still be achieved without ever getting hard – and, in some cases, direct prostate massage can help an erection occur in someone who otherwise would not be able to maintain one.

The main purpose of the prostate is to lend an assist to reproduction and orgasm. It generates a fluid that both protects sperm and allows them to move faster/remain alive longer, within the ejaculate. Helping to increase the volume of ejaculate (think clearing a straw), allows a more complete emptying of the prostate and assists in curbing the risk associated with plumbing back-ups.

Prostate massagers can come in many different configurations. Sizes are subjective to each person’s preference, but smaller is best for beginners. Massagers can be meant for manual stimulation (meaning powered by your bodies natural contractions) or contain internal vibrators for added intensity. As with any back door accessory, non-porous is best to allow for proper sanitation. In the instance of prostate massagers, we suggest silicone as it allows for movement and utmost comfort in use.

Health benefits are great and all, but the real treat is the sensation. Allow yourself to relax and be overcome by new sensations and a sense of euphoria that will make you wonder why you never let the stray fingers explore any further before.

The Prostate Rabbit from The Rabbit Company is a great toy! Use promo code maletoys to take 25% off.


For years, vibration has always been marketed as the ultimate in toy-pleasure for female bodies – but my, oh my, how the tides have turned. The penis is little more than an overgrown clitoris, and can receive amazing sensations from vibration on the tip, up and down the shaft, and on the scrotum.

Standard vibrators, although primarily geared towards female buyers, are not genital or gender specific. Bullet, egg, or wand vibrators are all wonderful for pinpoint pleasure for any set of genitals. When added in conjunction with a stroker or sleeve, bullet and egg style vibrators envelop the entire kit and kaboodle in a pulsing and tingling whirlwind.

Whether in conjunction with a stroker or sleeve, or alone for pinpoint intensity, don’t knock vibration till you’ve tried it. Hands free orgasms have never been so easy to achieve!

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